High School Sailing

The high school sailing program at Carolina Yacht Club offers Junior Associate Sailing Member students access to a formal, co-ed varsity sport. No sailing experience is required to join. High school students & 8th graders are eligible to join CYC’s high school sailing team. Students will represent their New Hanover County school and the club as they sail.

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Program Expectations and Support Structure for Growing Sailing Teams

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a group of high school sailors enjoys a day on the water

High school sailing has two primary seasons — spring and fall. Practices are after school, and teams participate in regattas as part of the North division of the South Atlantic Interscholastic Sailing Association.

Sailors also participate in winter practices and fun events. High school sailors can continue sailing through the CYC 420 sessions and race teams during the summer. The Collegiate 420 is a two-person sailboat used in high school and college regattas.

The program at CYC focuses on skills such as teamwork, division of labor, sail trim, rig set-up, and strategy and tactics that can be transferred to other sailboats that sailors may sail in the future.

High school sailing:

  • Provides an inclusive team environment
  • Builds teamwork and fosters friendships
  • Requires physical fitness and critical thinking
  • Develops lifelong skills and a love for sailing

Need a little more info? Contact our Waterfront Director to learn what to expect in our high school sailing program.

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