On Sunday,  July 21st, we commemorated the 125th anniversary of the first all-female regatta at CYC. The CYC Chronicles captured that “the end of the 19th century saw a greater participation in yachting by the wives and daughters of members, who were no longer content simply to watch the action from shore. In 1899, the Club resolved that ‘an appropriation of ten dollars be made... for the Ladies Race on July 21.’”

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the 125 Years of Girls Gone Sailing celebration!

During the event, many attendees took the time to write down the names of women sailors who have made a significant impact. We would like to share and recognize these individuals below.


Charlotte Murchison - Catherine McKim - Tavia Smith - Jocelyn Strange - Ruth Creighton - Jodie Smith - Alicia Smith - Eliza Shuett - Elizabeth Woodburry Shuett - Anne Tyson Lee - Isabella Woodbury - Laura Harris Head - Barbara Howard - Cherry Woodbury

The dedication and achievements of these women serve as an inspiration for future generations of women sailors. Thank you once again to everyone who made this event a memorable and wonderful celebration!

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