Race Committee

What is RC?

The Race Committee is a group of volunteers who commit their time to help run all of our club regattas either on Banks Channel or in the ocean. They are in charge of where to set the course, where to drop the marks, starting the fleets, scoring the races and keeping everyone safe on the water!


Signal Boat:

  • Principal Race Officer (PRO): Lead position on all racecourse positioning, mark placements, fleet management, etc.
  • Deputy Race Officer (DRO)/Timer: Assistant to the PRO and keeps track of times on the racecourse. Only needed in our ocean races
  • Recorder: Writes and records sail numbers, sailor names and race finishes
  • Flags/Anchor Yanker: Holds necessary flags and poles, as well as sets and pulls in the anchor on the Signal Boat

Mark Boats:

  • Mark Boat Driver: Communicates with the PRO on where to set the marks for the racecourse
  • Mark Boat Assistant: Sets and pulls up marks to change positions throughout the day of racing
  • Mark 1 Boat + Leeward/Pin Mark Boat

Safety Boats:

  • Safety Boat Driver: Lead on all safety situations on the racecourse. Assists sailors and their sailboats with the necessary help to ensure safety on the racecourse. Communicates with PRO and CYC staff to ensure sailors are sailing in safe conditions. (Towing sailboats to shore, helping flipped over sailboats, performing minor first aid and keeping track of all sailors on the racecourse)
  • Safety Boat Assistant: Assists the Boat Driver with all actions needed to be taken to ensure safety on the racecourse
  • 1 Safety Boat for Sound Races and 2 or more Safety Boats for Ocean Races


Facts & FAQs

  • If you are new, we will do our best to ensure you are with an experienced volunteer. We are all here to learn and enjoy the sport of sailing!
  • If you are interested in joining us but don't know how to get started, reach out to Jack Gower (jack.gower@carolinayachtclub.org) to find the right position for you.
  • Race Committee is the most important aspect to sailboat racing. A good race committee that sets fair courses for their sailors is what separates good regattas from bad ones. Our annual SAYRA Regatta is the most popular SAYRA Regatta on the circuit because of our fantastic venue, awesome onshore hospitality and most importantly, our RC sets great and fair courses for all the classes that come to race!

Register Now!

Race Committee is needed all summer for ocean series, sound series and junior series. Check out the dates, times and sign up by following the links below! 

Sound Series Sign Up - CLICK HERE

Ocean Series Sign Up - CLICK HERE

Junior Series Sign Up - CLICK HERE

We look foward to seeing you on the water!

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