Private Lessons

Program Features & Cost 

Whether you are new to sailing or want to improve your skills, our experienced instructors will guide you step by step. Private lessons are for CYC Members & Junior Associate Sailing Members.

Private Sailing Lessons:

  • Six sessions, each lasting 90 minutes
  • Tailored to your individual needs and skill level
  • One-on-one instruction with our experienced sailing instructors
  • Cost: $400 for the entire course

Semi-Private Sailing Lessons:

  • Perfect for duos or pairs of friends and family members
  • Six sessions, each lasting 90 minutes
  • Personalized instruction with one of our skilled sailing instructors
  • Cost: $600 for the entire course (shared by two participants)

Why Choose CYC Private Sailing Lessons?

  • Expert Instructors: Our certified instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and passion for sailing to every lesson.
  • Individualized Attention: Private and Semi-Private lessons ensure that your specific needs and goals are the focus.
  • Safety First: We prioritize safety above all else, providing you with the skills and knowledge to navigate the water confidently.


Lesson Scheduling: All private and semi-private sailing lessons must be scheduled via email with Scheduling should be done at least 30 days in advance of the desired lesson date.

Cancellation Policy: Participants are required to provide a minimum notice of 48 hours if they need to cancel a scheduled lesson. Failure to provide the required 48-hour notice will result in the missed lesson being counted and charged.

Restriction Period: Private and semi-private lessons are not available during the period between May 15th and September 15th.

Lesson Terms: Lessons are subject to availability and instructor confirmation. Any changes or rescheduling requests must be communicated and approved in advance.

Payments and Refunds: Refunds or credits for missed lessons will not be issued for cancellations made within less than 48 hours of the scheduled lesson.

Inclement Weather: In case of adverse weather conditions, lessons may be rescheduled by the instructor or program director.

Participant Responsibility: Participants are responsible for their punctuality and adherence to the scheduled lesson times.

Program Director Contact: For any inquiries, changes, or cancellations, participants must contact the program director at the designated email address.

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