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Cottage Rentals + Private Parties

If you’re a member and interested in renting any of CYC’s cottages or spaces, please contact our Assistant Manager.


CYC Board

 Title Name  Committee
Commodore Kim Morris Strategic Planning
Fleet Captain

Charlotte Hicks

Flag Captain

Philip Humphrey

House & Grounds

Elizabeth McLean

Commanders Jay Smith Regatta
  Michael Washburn Regatta
  Doug Sherwood House & Grounds

James Hundley Jr.




Club Committees

Member volunteers serve on the CYC board and committees. These groups and seasonal, part-time, and full-time staff serve the CYC membership. Members can access committee members, staff representation, and meeting minutes through the online member portal.

Ideas, feedback, and participation in the club come through a representative committee. Each committee studies ideas and input from members. They then develop recommendations for the board. The board then uses data, research, and discussion to approve/disapprove and return projects and ideas to committees for more discussion and further study.

Phillip Humphrey (Chair)
Doug Sherwood
Mary Corbin
Rudy Dombroski
Elizabeth Sheats
Kevin Smith
Jay Smith (Chair)
Jack Gower
Jim Overton
John Sawyer
Kevin Smith
David Usher
Glenn Walker
Michael Washburn
Jim Hundley Jr. (Chair)
Barbara Bush
Chris Crouch
Lewis Dunn
Kevin Smith
Astrid Turner
Kim Morris (Chair)
Koo MacQueen
Sterling Powell
John Sawyer
Elizabeth Schuett
Kevin Smith
Josh Stone
Lillian Teer
Chip Whitesides
Martin Willard

Share Your Comments

Our club values constructive feedback and ideas from the members of CYC.

Please send your comments to our General Manager ([email protected]) and board members listed above. Members may give direct feedback via the online feedback form.

In addition, there is a drop box near the club office door. Members are encouraged to submit anonymous or attributed construction feedback and ideas.