Welcome to CYC

Our private club is the third oldest in the US. We’re a vibrant sailing and beach-going group steeped in our waters, beaches, and porches.


Club Hours

  • Office:
  • Locker Rooms and Bathrooms 24/7 with proximity device

Red Sticker Days

Red stickers must be on your vehicle prior to entering the parking lot during block-out days. Red stickers can be picked up from the office during normal business hours.

  • Saturday, November 27th


Club Staff

Please direct all employment questions to our General Manager.

 Title Name + Email Phone Extension
General Manager: Kevin Smith 103
Assistant Manager: Katherine Filler 101
Office Manager: Kelly Petite 102
Waterfront Director: Jack Gower 110
Food + Beverage Manager: Patrick Quinn 107
Office Assistant:    

Cottage Rentals + Private Parties

If you’re a member and interested in renting any of CYC’s cottages or spaces, contact our Assistant Manager.