Welcome to CYC

Our private club is the third oldest in the US. We’re a vibrant sailing and beach-going group steeped in our waters, beaches, and porches.


Club Hours


  • Office:
  • CYC Grill:
    • Friday, May 6  5pm – 9pm
    • Saturday, May 7  11am-2pm
    • Sunday, May 8 11am-2pm
  • 1853 Room:
    • Friday, May 6  5pm – 9pm
    • Saturday, May 7  CLOSED FOR PRIVATE EVENT
  • Locker Rooms and Bathrooms 24/7 with proximity device

Green (primary) Sticker Days

DON’T WORRY, YOUR 2020/2021 RED STICKER WILL WORK AS YOUR PRIMARY UNTIL THE NEW STICKERS ARE BEING ASSIGNED.  You will get an email announcement when new stickers are ready.

Green (primary) stickers must be on your vehicle prior to entering the parking lot during block-out days. Green (primary) stickers can be picked up from the office during normal business hours.

May 12 – May 21

May 28 – May 30

July 2 – July 4

August 6 – August 7

September 3 – September 5

November 26


Club Staff

Please direct all employment questions to our General Manager.

 Title Name + Email Phone Extension
General Manager: Kevin Smith 103
Assistant Manager: Katherine Filler 101
Office Manager: Kelly Petite 102
Waterfront Director: Jack Gower 110
Food + Beverage Manager: Patrick Quinn 107
Office Assistant:    

Cottage Rentals + Private Parties

If you’re a member and interested in renting any of CYC’s cottages or spaces, contact our Assistant Manager.