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The Club uses a combination of member volunteers in the clubs Board and Committees along with seasonal, part time and full time staff to serve the membership.  Below is a listing of Committees that lists the Board member chair(s), member and staff representation.  Ideas, feedback and participation in the club are done through a representative committee.  Committees study ideas and feedback from members, then use that to make recommendations to the Board.  The Board in turn uses that data to approve, disapprove or send back projects and ideas to Committees for further study and discussion.  The Board, at times, also sends ideas and feedback to the Committees for discussion and opinion to be shared back to the Board.

The club always values constructive feedback and ideas from the members of the club.  Members may direct their feedback to the General Manager, as well as, Board and Committee members.  Direct feedback from members to the staff and the Board fall back to the respective committees so that it can be used in a positive way during committee decision making.  In addition, there is a drop box next to the office door where members may drop off anonymous our non-anonymous constructive feedback and ideas.


House and Grounds Committee


This committee is tasked with discussing short range House and Grounds repairs, ideas and needs for ocean and soundside properties that are current out to 24 months.


Board Chair - Philip Humphrey

Members - Earl Worsley, Mickey Southerland, Mary Corbin and Elizabeth Sheats

Staff - Kevin Smith



Regatta Committee

This committee is tasked with discussing sailing and soundside needs that include programming, equipment and regattas.


Board Chairs - Elizabeth Schuett and Kim Morris

Members - Boo Carraway, Jim Overton, John Sawyer, Chip Whitesides

Staff - Kevin Smith and Jack Gower



Long Range Financial Planning Committee

This committee is tasked with reviewing the financial needs of the club to ensure the club is in the best financial condition now and into the future.


Board Chair - Steven Lilly

Members - Greta Barnes, Barbara Bush, Boo Carraway, Albert Eckel and Jim Sloan

Staff - Kevin Smith



Long Range Building Planning Committee

This committee is tasked with coming up with capital plans to both improve the properties and renovate different areas of the club based on known and possible future changes in TOWB building codes.  In addition, this committee is discussing and planning on replacement of the club should the club experience damages that require a rebuild of the main club.


Board Chair - Charlotte Hicks

Members - Philip Humphrey, Michael Washburn and Ron Woodruff

Staff - Kevin Smith



Social Events Advisory Committee  (This advisory committee is currently looking for active member volunteers.  Please contact Kevin Smith for more information)

This advisory committee will meet with key staff in order to help them better plan new and returning member social events.


Staff - Katherine Filler

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